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me.jpg I did my undergrad at UC Berkeley, where I majored in EECS (EE and CS), option C (software). Now I'm an nth-year PhD student at Stanford , in the CS department , working in the Computer Graphics Lab. I'm from Belmont, California, a town about 12 miles north of Stanford. Here's more personal stuff.

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I love TA'ing. It's just so much fun to interact with so many brilliant people, and maybe even help them learn a thing or two about graphics. Here's the courses I've TA'd:


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Emily Luthra , my wise and thoughtful friend

Where am I?

360 Gates Computer Science 3B
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-9035
(650) 723-3154
Stanford Address:
See permanent address.
Permanent Address:
2829 San Juan Blvd.
Belmont, CA 94002
(650) 593-4149
Here's where you can find me most often:
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