Inline Skating

I got my first inline skates, Rollerblade Lightnings, in the summer of '93. Ten days later, the skates, idiotic recklessness, and a steep hill combined to give me a broken wrist. Since then, I've skated quite a bit more responsibly, and always wear wrist guards. They work, and I strongly recommend wristguards for anybody who skates.

A year later, in 1994, I got a second pair, 5-wheel recreational/racing skates . These have bigger wheels (so they roll easier), allow a more efficient stroke, and are more stable at high speeds. They are not nearly as maneuverable as 4-wheel skates, but they sure cover ground a lot easier.

If you're new to inline skating (or interested in finding out more), here's a few other web pages:

Skating Around Town

One of my favorite things about skates is going fast. I try to skate responsibly, but I still manage to have quite a bit of fun getting around town. Stoplights give me lots of practice with sprinting and stopping. I used my skates quite a bit in Berkeley for commuting. I could pack my skates in a backpack and bring them with me into the building, which was better than leaving a bike locked outside to get stolen or mutilated. I don't skate much anymore now that I'm at Stanford, because the greater distances and lower theft/vandalism rate make bikes a more efficient choice.

The California Vehicle Code doesn't say much about skating on streets. Skaters are officially classified as pedestrians, and section 21969 states:

21969. A local authority may adopt rules and regulations by ordinance regulating persons engaged in roller skating on a highway, sidewalk, or roadway.

Artistic Skating

"Artistic skating" is similar to ice figure skating. I enjoy it because it helps improve my balance (something I need desperately!). Some stuff I used to be able to do include: spins, backwards crossovers, single toe loops, and 3-turns. However, I haven't skated much lately, so my skills are getting rusty... For desciptions of all this stuff, you can see the figure skating home page.

Street Hockey

Street hockey is a lot of fun. It's also probably the best way to become a good skater in the shortest amount of time. You have a lot of fun, and it gives you motivation to try moves on skates that you wouldn't normally attempt.

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