Class Project Pictures

Here are a few pictures that I've generated for classes that I've taken here at Stanford:

cs348b, Spring 1996: Raytracing

I worked with Szymon Rusinkiewicz to write our final raytracer and model these scenes. The dollar bill is a texture-mapped fractal heightfield, and the coins are bump-mapped cylinders. The crystals have polyhedral surfaces, and a volume-rendered interior. Our raytracer did adaptive stochastic supersampling, texture-mapping, bump-mapping, distribution raytracing (glossy surfaces and penumbra), and volume tracing. Here's the official cs348b rendering contest page , which includes the cool pictures that our classmates made.

cs348c, Fall 1995: Modelling Natural Phenomena

I worked with David Hsu to model lava flows. In particular, we wanted to model how it flows, cools, and builds volcanos. We did the simulation with a particle system, and rendered it with Mental Ray. You can see our project page for more.

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