Personal Stuff

I'm from Belmont, a smallish town on the Peninsula about 12 miles north of Stanford. I was born June 8, 1973, which would make me, umm, 26? I graduated from Cal Berkeley, with a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Now I'm a PhD student in Computer Science at Stanford, in the Computer Graphics Lab. I went to Serra High, a Catholic high school in San Mateo. I have an older sister Tammy, and two younger brothers, Patrick and Michael.

School keeps me pretty busy. I tend to work at my own pace, which is reeeaaallyy sloowww. The good side of this is that I get to see a lot of really cool sunrises. The bad side of this is that I don't get as much accomplished as I should.


I love riding my bikes. I also enjoy skating and rollerhockey, as a fun change of pace. I played soccer for 12 years, but never had the coordination to be very good at it. I've also dabbled in archery and boomerangs, if you can call them sports...

I don't follow pro sports much. Growing up, I only watched a few games, like when the 'Niners made it to the Superbowl. I found baseball in particular to be utterly boring. Basketball's ok, but I'd rather play a game than watch one. Football's the only sport where I could name more than a handful of teams. These days, with the rise of self-promoting egotistical "superstar" athletes, I see even less reason to watch pro sports.


My tastes in music vary widely, depending on my mood. In general, I like music that has a good melody, good beat, and a good voice. This pretty much spans everything from Country Music to Techno. I especially like complex music, where there are several undercurrents running beneath the main melody, and a beat fast enough for dancing. And, like 95% of the people in America, I like the music that was popular during my highschool years.

...If you're familiar with stations in the Bay Area, I tend to listen to 97.3 (Alice) for the Sarah & Vinny show in the morning, Z95.7 at other times (especially the dance mixes), and 93.3 (country) when I'm concentrating on something else. The other buttons on my car radio are 101.3 and 106.5.

I also play the piano a little tiny bit. I never took any formal lessons. However, it's still wonderfully relaxing to try to turn uncoordinated motions into music. Besides, I'm so used to spending time in front of a keyboard... :-)

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