My '89 Integra

(It may not be the fanciest car in the world, but it's my first car, and I love it... :-)

This page, created in 1997 shortly after I bought my Integra, discusses why I chose this car. See my pictures from road trips for a glimpse of where I drive, and pictures of my car and the scenery it has taken me through.

Why the Integra?

After 6 years of living near-campus (Berkeley and Stanford) without a car, I lost a housing lottery and had to move off-campus. A first-generation Integra seemed like the perfect choice:



I was drawn to the integra by the practicality of its interior. I don't need the back seat very often, but it's nice to know that my car can carry four people, if needed, without giving the back seat passengers cause for mutiny... And with the rear seats folded down, I can fit two bikes in back (which was a major criterion). I've heard somebody describe his integra as "an aerodynamic pickup", and I agree. :-)


I was fascinated by the lines of the integra. In this upside-down photo, you can see the reflection off the hood. :-)

Knight Rider Influence? You decide

When I was a kid, Knight Rider was one of my favorite shows, (along with the Dukes of Hazzard). I thought KITT was the coolest car in the world back then. I wonder if this subconsciously affected my perception of my new car?

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