Hierarchical Modeling and Animation System

by Apostolos Lerios

MOAN is a very simple X Windows/OpenGL hierarchical MOdeling and ANimation system. It was written as a teaching aid for Stanford's 1996 introductory course in computer graphics (CS 248).

MOAN is a simplified relative of SoftImage and Open Inventor, two commercial modeling and animation systems. It shields the user from writing actual OpenGL code, and encourages trial-and-error experimentation by eliminating the need to recompile every time the user needs to change their model. MOAN is too simple and crude at times, as it is designed to match very closely OpenGL's approach to modeling; still, it's a good stepping stone to commercial systems.

The provided execution environment, in tar archive format, comprises the executable moan as well as sample scene files in the scenes subdirectory; use

gunzip -c moan.tar.gz | tar xf -
to unpack the archive. moan executes only on Silicon Graphics workstations equipped with OpenGL. For those interested in porting moan to other platforms, the source code is also available.

We provide no support for MOAN.


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Author: Apostolos Lerios.

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