September 18, 2004


We've almost been here a whole month, and this is only my third log entry from Kalani. It's been hard finding the time with all the work and activities going on. Even choosing between activities can be tough - like going to "Dolphin Dance" (yes, we're still hooked on that) versus going to "Kirtan" (this type of chanting/drumming night that's supposed to be incredible) - or deciding to miss a favorite yoga class to go to the tidepools nearby and sit in the waves. It's so funny that our difficult decisions of the day have been boiled down to just that - which class do I take, which game do I play, etc.

As "manual laborers" around here, we don't even make any real decisions in regards to our work, which can be pretty routine and straightforward. It's hard not to want to jump with our opinions on how to make things better, more efficient, etc. and sometimes we do contribute a new idea or volunteer to try something new. But Toli and I have been careful not to let the work aspect of life here occupy more than our stated commitment. We're here to explore other things, not ponder the best way to organize the cleaners in the housekeeping van or paint the closets in the guest rooms.

And on that level, we've definitely had our hand in just about every activity and event offered here. We do yoga at least 3x a week, usually more, and in every variety offered here - hatha, kundalini (breathwork/focused), yin (cold/stretchy), restorative (relaxation), gentle (misleading name, it's just easier hatha), and even a combination of martial arts and yoga. Toli plays volleyball with the staff and the locals a couple times a week and swims about a kilometer a day, which is making him super-fit. I've been focused more on doing creative and crafty things, like learning how to weave lauhala leaves into bracelets, fans, and mats (will try a basket next week) as well as making lei necklaces and sewing decorations for our A-frame. I've gotten involved also with a creative writing circle every week, which is fortunate since my journal has been badly neglected since coming here. And, like every good hippie, we made tie-dye shirts last week. Toli and I also get involved in a lot of the dance/bodywork classes like hula, the aforementioned Dolphin Dance, and Aqua Vecchi.

In addition to all the planned activities, there's a whole other set of activities that the volunteers come up with. I swear, it's just like being at camp. There's been ping-pong tournaments, weekly Balderdash matches (which conflict with hula - sigh), and the maddest Twister game I've ever played. I'm usually good at Twister, but when playing against people who've been practicing yoga more intensively than I have, I haven't a chance!!! This afternoon we're having a dodgeball match in the tennis court, and I'm really trying to keep my traumatic childhood memories of that game at bay so I can step in and have some fun. :)

And like the crazy felinophiles we are, Toli and I have cozied up to most of the cats at Kalani. There's Ginger, who looks like a cross between Pascal and Perl and who prowls the dining area begging all the time. Silas, the alpha-cat, who is a beautiful white cat with grey patches and who never sleeps with the same human for longer than week. Tigerlily, the grey-striped tabby who chirps and purrs and will follow you around for treats. And Scraggle, the shy tortie who looks like SeQueL gone through a bleach cycle in the laundry. We've also named the geckos in our A-frame and a distinctive one who hangs out in the kitchen.

We've been so active that we didn't even notice a few days ago when the PBX switch at the office went out, taking down all the phone lines with it! Luckily the Internet still works, but we won't even be getting our phones back on until Tuesday!

So those are our excuses for why we've been so out of touch lately. I'm actually thinking about curtailing a few activities here and there so I can have more time to journal, write, and reflect. We were so sure we'd have a lot of time here to do that and focus on some major decisions that will influence our future, but we've been having too much fun playing here. Sigh. But it's so easy to put those big decisions off in favor of these more immediate ones like whether or not I'll go to yoga next week or skip it to see a Hawaiian dance performance...

Posted by Christine at September 18, 2004 04:36 PM

Isn't that what Kalani's all about....putting off, not making decisions, waiting for Pele to do it for us?! When the time comes I'm sure you'll make yours and move on. Camp? yup....never had the experience but imagine it to be so.
Lots of Hello Kitties round today...first day of the new a nice woven basket adorned with shells from a student who had been in Bali...reminded me of other islands.

Posted by: Mac at September 30, 2004 11:31 PM
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