September 08, 2004

All we are saying...give peasoup a chance!!!

I'm supertired from working four shifts in a row since Sunday, so here are just a couple of short lines to make you smile:

* The title of this entry comes from what a little group of us started singing at the dinner table. They served this amazing peasoup last night, and we were trying to get everyone to try it - even though it had dairy in it, and the vegans were afraid.

* I'm totally hooked on the watsu pool (that warm water pool where we do "Dolphin Dance") - we tried another class called "Aqua Vecchi" which is a water-massage class. I think I could just live in a watsu pool for the rest of my life.

* Toli's really gotten into yoga after taking his first class only two weeks ago. I caught him snoring during the "shivasana" part of class last week - he was so relaxed! So relaxed, in fact, that he's downright forgetful these days. He's constantly leaving stuff behind - keys, mosquito repellant, towels. His cowboy hat, which he wore through Europe and Asia without a hitch, even went missing for a few days. Luckily, he found it again.

* We've befriended a lot of guests here lately. Craig from New York who teaches yoga to autistic kids - he's like a male version of Fay! Dieter and Elizabeth from Kona, who we were so interesting and inspiring we ate dinner with them every night they were camping here. And a family from Freiburg (close to where we "rescued" Fritz the bird) with three cute little kids.

* I've been asked my sign from a lot of people. They usually respond with, "Oh, I had the sense that you were an air sign" (I'm a Cancer - water sign) and then ask me what my rising planet is. I feel very odd not knowing what it is.

* Words that often come up in conversations around here: synchronicity, fasting, energy, flow, grace, sensual. And women call that time of the month "moon phase" instead of "period" - for some reason that always makes me giggle.

* I haven't gone topless or nude in the pool yet, but that may change out of pure laziness. I'm tired of having to change into my swimsuit twice a day each time I go swimming.

* I haven't done Rebirthing yet either.

Peace out!

Posted by Christine at September 8, 2004 06:42 PM
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