REid Gershbein

Fifth year (yikes!) graduate student of the Princeton Graphics or death (also known as the Children of a lesser pixel) PhD program. You can find me at Stanford (it's a long story).

Personal little things:

I worked for Pixar for a few years.
They actually gave me a degree (BA) from Oberlin College in '93. It's not new, but my link to it is.

The stories of Valor.

I'm working with Matt "Short stop" Pharr and Craig "Hamster" Kolb on a physically correct rendering system. They amaze me daily!



Rendering Complex Scenes with Memory-Coherent Ray Tracing, SIGGRAPH '97 with Matt Pharr, Craig Kolb, and Pat Hanrahan. (Computer Graphics)

Integration Methods For Galerkin Radiosity Couplings, Sixth Eurographics Workshop on Rendering Workshop '95. (Computer Graphics)

Textures and Radiosity: Controlling Emission and Reflection with Texture Maps, SIGGRAPH '94 with Peter Schröder and Pat Hanrahan. (Computer Graphics)

Efficient Accommodation of May-Alias Information in SSA Form SIGPLAN PLDI '93 with Ron Cytron. (Compilers)

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Gates Hall 3B, Room 382, Computer Science Department, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-4070, (415)-725-3722

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