Comparison Of Image Synthesis Methods

This is a series of comparison images of a few lighting models. All are of the same room with the same view. The scene consists of approximately 100 quadrilaterals. Click on an image to get a 512x512 jpeg version of the image.

The scene originally appeared in the SIGGRAPH '94 paper entitled Textures and Radiosity: Controlling Emission and Reflection with Texture Maps. For more information please contact Reid Gershbein at

Flat-shaded version. 1024x1024 tiff (601Kb).

Ray traced with point light sources. 1024x1024 tiff (3.1Mb).

Radiosity using wavelet radiosity. 1024x1024 tiff (740Kb).

Flat-shaded with texture maps. 1024x1024 tiff (2.2Mb).

Radiosity with texture maps. 1024x1024 tiff (1.7Mb).