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LightPack is a portable software library for image-based authoring and rendering. It is based on the idea of representing an environment (or object) as a flow of light in free space. (see Marc Levoy and Pat Hanrahan, Light Field Rendering, Proc. SIGGRAPH '96.)

The software release contains the full source code for the lifview and lifauth programs, as well as the accompanying light field library. The current release is 1.0a. It was written by Lucas Pereira ( ) and Ben Zhu ( )

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LightPack Overview

LightPack is a software library for viewing and generating light fields. The library has the following features: The library is intended for use in C or C++ programs but may be useful with other programming languages.

The library does not use any specialized hardware, although it does currently use SGI's GL library. If you want to port it to other systems, you will need to write a driver to replace lightpack/src/liblight/irisgl_driver.c, which takes the 24-bit image and displays it on the screen. If you do write a driver for another system, we would be happy to incorporate it into the release.

The actual files for lifview and lifauth are fairly short. Most of the work is done through calls to the light field library functions. The library functions are implemented in a data flow architecture, so that large datasets can be handled on systems with less RAM.

LightPack Software Distribution

The first release of LightPack is version 1.0alpha1, which is an alpha release. This version is written in a dataflow format, so that large lightfields can be created and compressed on systems with limited memory resources. There are library functions for reading, writing, authoring, compressing, filtering, and drawing light fields.

Distribution notice

Copyright © 1996 The Board of Trustees of The Leland Stanford Junior University. All rights reserved.

Except for commercial resale, lease, license or other commercial transactions, permission is hereby given to use, copy, and/or modify this software, provided that the above copyright notice and this permission notice appear in all copies of this software. No part of this software or any derivatives thereof may be used in the production of light fields for resale or for use in a commercial product.

This software is provided "as is" and without warranty of any kind, express, implied or otherwise, including without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Download LightPack Software

Click here to download lightpack-1.0a.tar.gz.

LightPack Source Documentation

These documents are included with the release, under the /doc directory:

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