QSplat The QSplat Multiresolution Point Rendering System
Download sample models

Here are a few sample models for QSplat. All may be used for academic and research purposes, but are not to be used for commercial purposes, nor should they appear in a product for sale without our permission. If you use these models in a publication, please credit the Stanford Computer Graphics Laboratory.

The original polygonal meshes for many of these are available from the Stanford 3D Scanning Repository.

Bunny Model: Bunny
Size of original mesh: 35,286 vertices, 70,568 triangles
Download: bunny.qs.gz (200k compressed, 226k uncompressed)
Lion Model: Lion
Size of original mesh: 183,408 vertices, 367,277 triangles
Color: per-vertex
Download: lion_color.qs.gz (1.5M compressed, 1.7M uncompressed)
Buddha Model: Happy Buddha
Size of original mesh: 1,060,220 vertices, 2,120,852 triangles
Download: buddha.qs.gz (5.6M compressed, 6.7M uncompressed)
Dragon Model: Dragon
Size of original mesh: 1,279,481 vertices, 2,559,286 triangles
Download: dragon.qs.gz (6.9M compressed, 8.1M uncompressed)
Lucy Model: "Lucy"
Size of original mesh: 10,072,906 vertices, 20,145,810 triangles
Download: lucy.qs.gz (50.6M compressed, 63.5M uncompressed)

Other models for QSplat are available from the archives of the Stanford Digital Michelangelo Project.

Note: Many web browsers will helpfully un-gzip these files for you. Unhelpfully, however, they often neglect to change the file extension to indicate that they did so. If you download one of these models and find that your decompression program claims that the file is not gzipped, try simply renaming model.qs.gz to model.qs and see whether QSplat recognizes that...

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