CS 348C - Topics In Computer Graphics

Graphics Architectures

Instructors: Frank Crow and Pat Hanrahan

Time and Place: Tue/Thu 2:45-4:00 Gates 392 3B

General Course Information

This course is a seminar covering current research in graphics architectures. General topics to be covered include framebuffer and display design, rasterization hardware, geometry and shading engines, parallelism in graphics systems and texturing subsystems. Important current and past graphics architectures will be covered as case studies.

Class meetings will be a mixture of background lectures, guest speakers, and student-led discussions of papers.


Students should have some background in computer graphics and computer architectures, but no specific courses are required.


The next page contains a reading list organized by topic. These papers are meant to be a starting point and additions and deletions from this list are encouraged. We will be preparing a course reader with all the papers as soon as the list to be covered in class is stabilized.

Each student taking the course for credit is expected to present a topic or paper and lead a class discussion. Everyone attending the course is expected to read all the papers and participate in the discussions. Students will receive 1 credit for participating at this level.

Students taking the course for 3 credits are also expected to undertake a project during this quarter. This project is expected to have research content and should be approached with that in mind.


To enroll in the course for credit send email to hanrahan@cs by Friday, April 5. Include the following information: We will create a class email list of the students registered.


Instructor: Frank Crow
Office: Interval Research Corporation
Mail: crow@interval.com

Instructor: Pat Hanrahan
Office: Gates 370 3B
Hours: Tue/Thu 11-12
Mail: hanrahan@cs

Secretary: Sarah Beizer
Office: Gates 368 3B
Mail: sarah@mojave
Phone: (415) 725-3724
Hours: M-F 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

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