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Information Visualization Resources on the Web

See more recent course pages from Hanrahan or Munzner for current infovis-related material. This page is obsolete and has not been updated since 1996.

This page is a partial collection of online InfoVis resources. See the accompanying bibliography for specific paper references.


General InfoViz
Distortion Techniques
Document Viz
Graph Drawing
Hardware Viz
Multiscale Interfaces
Network Viz
Software Viz
Web Viz
Note that this page was assembled in 1996, and has been only minimally updated since then!


Interactive Visualization of Large Graphs and Networks
Tamara Munzner, Stanford University, PhD

Three Dimensional Information Visualisation
Peter Young, Durham, part of PhD thesis proposal

Browsing, Building, and Beholding Cyberspace: New Approaches to the Navigation, Construction, and Visualisation of Hypermedia on the Internet
Keith Andrews, Graz Austria, PhD

Applying Information Visualization Techniques to Web Navigation
Mark Brautigam, UC Santa Cruz, proposal

Information Architecture: The Representation of Virtual Environments
Larry Burks, Harvard GSD, MS

Graphical Elements for Information Browsing Systems
David Fox, NYU, PhD requirement survey paper

Three Dimensional Database Environments
Kenneth Mitchell, Napier, PhD proposal

The Mind's Eye: An Approach to Understanding Large Complex Information-Bases through Visual Discourse
Earl Rennison, MIT Media Lab, MS

Making Sense of Ersilia: Architecture and Information Space
David S. Richard, UT Austin, MS proposal




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