SF Bay Area Climbs

Brad Anders banders@netcom.com has collected information on a number of climbs in the SF Bay area.

He also adds:


BTW, the best times for the climbs above that I'm aware of:

Montebello:	25:XX (recent collegiate ITT results)
Old La Honda:	15:05 (Mike Murray)
King's Mtn:	19:20 (Dean Meyer, but I've heard of faster times)
Hwy 9:		26:XX (Jose Robles AND Jose Vanagas of Team San Jose)


From: Jobst Brandt (jobst_brandt@hplabs.hp.com)

                        Measured by Ray Hosler
Sand Hill Road (at SLAC)                                        4
Sand Hill Road (west of 280)                                    5
Sand Hill Road (at CCTA Horse Park)                             3.5
Sand Hill Road (west of Manzanita Way)                          7.5
Lower Kings Mountain Road                                       8.5 to 10
Kings Mountain Road (at Huddart Park)                           7
Kings Mountain Road (at Archery Range Turn)                     11.5
Tunitas Creek Road (at upper end)                               4.5
Tunitas Creek Road (at steep section)                           11
Skyline Boulevard (long descent to Skylonda)                    5.5
Highway 84 (at Red Barn)                                        6
Pescadero Road (Haskins Hill, east side)                        6.5
Alpine Road (lower)                                             11
Alpine Road (first steep turn at Mindego Ranch)                 14
Alpine Road (mile post 2.4)                                     8
Honor Camp Road (off Alpine Road)                               19
Page Mill Road (at Los Trancos parking lot)                     19
Page Mill Road (before Shotgun Bend)                            15.5-17
Page Mill Road (lower View Area)                                15.5
Page Mill Road (at Moody Road)                                  14
Westridge Drive                                                 13.5
Old La Honda Road (lower)                                       10
Old La Honda Road (steep right turn)                            16
Joaquin Road (near end of pavement Alpine Rd)                   17-19.5
Golden Oak Drive (across from Alpine Inn)                       17.5
Los Trancos Road (straightaway)                                 18.5
Montebello Road (lower at start)                                10-11
Montebello Road (2nd right S turn)                              12
Montebello Road (1/4 mile beyond Pichetti Winery)               15-17
Redwood Gulch Road (after first right bend)                     14-18.5
Bohlman Road (Saratoga)                                         10-13
                                                                (20 some turns)
On Orbit Lane (Saratoga)                                        18-23.5
Divisadero St. (San Francisco)                                  22
The measurements above were taken with a 100-inch aluminum beam,
a decimal ruler and a level to read gradients directly in percent.
Other steep roads that I haven't measured include:
Marin Avenue in Berkeley (at least 24 percent)
Filbert Street in San Francisco (32 percent)
When combined with the high altitude, NOTHING beats Sonora Pass with
18% at the Window, and 15-17 percent at the Golden Stairs (between
8000 and 9000 ft marker) in the Sierra Nevada for difficulty on
paved public roads.