July 26, 2004

Just for YOU, Hermanowitz!

Yes, I know. We've been home nearly freakin' two months now, and we haven't posted any new entries or any of the old ones we've promised. We suck. I wouldn't be surprised if no one's even reading this half-abandoned little log anymore. Except for Hermanowitz. Gotta love her. :)

Of course, now that we're home, there isn't a darn thing interesting to talk about. Just our daily lives, which gets boring and repetitive after a short while. Especially now that we're in between trips and aren't working, so there isn't even work to distract us from the boringness that is our life.

But since I haven't written much about our life in Austin to date, maybe it won't seem so bad going over some of the more fun highlights.

...oh god, I can't even think of anything fun and highlight-y...

Okay, well this technically has nothing to do with Austin, and maybe we can consider it legitimately part of the Grand Tour since it did involve an airplane ride. I spent the second week of July with my sister Brigitte who lives in L.A. It was a pretty active week, since she took off some time off work, so we:

*Went to a Dodger's game with a funny coworker of hers - it was the Dodgers versus the Astros, so I was kind of torn over rooting for my home state. But the Astros -are- from Houston, so I went for the Dodgers who proved me right by winning. Yay!

*Saw my college bud Olivia, who took me to Artwallah, this South Asian media festival. And in a way, it made me feel like I was in college again, since I went to quite a few South Asian events in school (more so than East Asian events, even though I'm Vietnamese!).

*Tried Jello-Pretzel salad for the first time ever, courtesy of Hermanowitz. (I just love saying that name.) It sounds nasty, but it's really yummy if you can get beyond the strange combination of ingredients and the fact that it looks like that fleshy goo from the Poltergeist movie. Remember after the mom saves CarolAnn after going through the closet, and they fall through the ceiling covered in this red goo? It also packs a hefty sugar-rush.

*Played and acted like a swimsuit bunny by the pool of my cousin's boyfriend's house in Beverly Hills. (Where I, by the way, met someone who also went to the Artwallah festival.)

*Made Thanksgiving dinner. In July. Well, my sister and her boyfriend were craving turkey, and I figured if I'm ever going to try roasting a turkey, I might as well do it in July when the stakes aren't too high.


*MET JOSH GROBAN!!! Wooooooo! Brigitte and I were about to go to The Farm (no, not Stanford, but rather a strangely named restaurant in Beverly Hills - when does anything within spitting distance of Rodeo Drive look like a farm?) for lunch when we passed by Josh having lunch outside on their patio. I have to credit Brigitte for having the cajones to go up to him and ask to take a picture with him. Which he did because he TOTALLY ROCKS.

So there's something to chew on before we have our next adventure. If something worth telling happens in the meantime, I might be good and post it.

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