August 23, 2004

Less than 12 hours to Aloha...

Just brushing the nanodust off this weblog as we prepare for our flight to Hawaii tomorrow! We actually started the leg of this trip a bit earlier, when we left Austin on Friday the 13th for a quick trip to the Bay Area. Since all flights for Hawaii leave from SFO or LAX, we figured we might as well stop by my mother's and visit with some friends before heading for tropical paradise.

It's been a PACKED trip though - dinners every night in the South Bay or San Francisco with old high school/college buds and plenty of housework and maintenance at my mom's. I guess Toli could use the warm-up since that's all he'll be doing in Hawaii. In just the last few days, he installed DSL and a wireless router, updated VirusScan and Windows, replaced a rice cooker fuse, put new batteries in all the smoke detectors (and replaced two of them while he was at it), rehung a curtain rod, installed a new light fixture in the laundry room, and a dozen other things I've probably forgotten about. Add late-night watching of the Olympic Games, and we find ourselves in need of a vacation from our vacation already!

Our sojourn in Hawaii should fit the bill, though - 30 hours a week of "hard labor", but the rest of the time we'll have access to the pool, yoga classes, volleyball, and the occasional new age workshop on "finding your inner dolphin" or something like that. Check out for our new digs for the next three months! They say there's occasional email access, but I hope not to have too many excuses for not logging as often as I should. ALOHA!!!

Posted by Christine at August 23, 2004 02:23 AM
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