Miscellaneous Pictures

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I have always been fascinated by flying things. Here are a few of the boomerangs that I have made. The four-blade boomerangs generally have a smaller turning radius than L-shaped boomerangs. All of these boomerangs were left handed, except for the upper left and upper middle boomerangs, which I made for my brother.

I took this picture from a kayak on the north fork of the Smith River (about ten miles south of the California-Oregon border). My brother Patrick and I paddled our inflatable kayaks several miles upriver from the bridge crossing. We made it up past these rapids, but couldn't go much further.

On the trip back down the river, Patrick decided to cool off by diving off the rocks. (The bottom of the picture is a little bit reddish because the film got wet when I accidentally rolled my kayak over... oops!)

These are my racing skates. Put end-to-end, they make up over 30 inches of wheels.

This picture was taken from a moving bike, only a few inches off the ground (under my bottom bracket). I was trying to get a cool motion blur effect... :-) It's interesting to note that the shadow of the wheel is sharp, even though the ground itself is blurred.

Through a fresnel lens, you can see five sides of a box at once.