Pictures of home

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I love maps. One wall of my bedroom is plastered with these maps detailing every road I've cycled in the Bay Area.

The Christmas Tree in the living room, getting ready for Christmas. :-)

The entrance hallway, as seen from the living room.

The fireplace, also getting ready for Christmas.

Baskets, vines, and garlic hang from the kitchen light.

Looking out the kitchen window at the trees in the morning sun.

The TV set in the living room, surrounded by wood decor and plants.

This is my mom and dad, two of the best parents in the business.

This is our house. My dad has been building it for over 20 years. He has done just about everything himself -- blueprints, carpentry, electricity, plumbing, masonry, roofing, etc. It's still not quite finished, but it's a pretty solid beta version... :-)

This is the fireplace in our living room. It took my dad several months to do the stonework. He would carefully choose each rock and plan ahead several layers to make sure everything fit to his satisfaction, kinda like a big 3-D jigsaw puzzle.

This is our backyard. The stairs go up to the garden. There are fences around everything to protect the plants from the deer, which roam the hills behind our yard.

This is my dad's '46 Chevy pickup. I borrowed it occasionally in highschool and my first six years of college, until I got my Integra .