Miscellaneous Bike Pictures

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My mountain bike, which I mainly use for getting around town, and my road bike, which I mainly use for longer rides.

The Krebb's Cycling map is my guide around the Bay Area. The dark green lines are the roads that I've explored by bike, as of March 31, 1996.

Here is most of the gear that I packed for my solo 215-mile ride from Palo Alto to San Luis Obispo. Clockwise, from the upper left: maps, headlight, 2 battery packs, windbreaker, 2 spare tubes, mini tape recorder, pens/notecards, Advil, bike lock, batteries/flashlight, multi-screwdriver tool, tire levers, multi-allen wrench tool, pliers, crescent wrench, spoke wrench, 8mm allen wrench, chain oil, patch kit, duck tape, suntan lotion, kleenex (for cleaning glasses), gummy bears, ho-ho's, powerbars.

Not Pictured: helmet, gloves, clothes, water bottles, spare derailler/brake cables, and camera.

Ever wondered what happens when you forget to reattach one end of a bungee cord, and it catches a spoke of your wheel at high speed? The spoke wins. The metal hook wrapped around the hub, and detached from the cord after several revolutions. I had to use a pliers to remove the metal hook from the hub.

A sign that you've been biking too much: the tan lines from your gloves are as white as the tan line from your watch.

Another sign you've been biking too much....

A few more gratuitous pictures of me.