Pictures from bike trips - Stanislaus County

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Welcome to Stanislaus County.

This house was *really* pink. (Unfortunately, I overexposed the film.) It seemed out of place, with its elaborate decor and inflatable children's jumping thingy, in the middle of the farm fields.

This was the biggest pile of, uhhh, err, manure, that I have ever seen. Yes, those are tires holding down the plastic, to give you a sense of scale.

Time takes its toll on an old barn.

A side street in Patterson. This seemed like any other suburban town, even though it was surrounded by farmland.

This intrigued me. An entire orchard of trees had a different type of wood for the base of the trunk. I can only imagine that they grafted a good fruit-bearing top to a bottom that lived well in that soil. It was pretty amazing, though.