Pictures from bike trips - Sonoma County

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Looking back at the bridge over the Petaluma river into Sonoma County. The bridge has a narrow shoulder, which is riddled with potholes on the downhill section.

Looking back at Hwy 37 across Sonoma County. This picture was taken near the Napa county line. You can see the bridge over the Petaluma River and the Marin coastal mountains in the distance.

The hills adjacent to Hwy 37. Sears Point Raceway is on the other side of these hills.

A dragster on a trailer, parked on the side of highway 121 near Sears Point Raceway.

After miles and miles of agricultural fields, these rock formations reminded me of the term "rock garden". :-)

Climbing up the hills that separate Sonoma and Napa Counties, the hills began to become covered with vineyards. Here's a view looking southwest, towards Mt. Tamalpais.