Pictures from bike trips - Solano County

(Click on a picture to see the full-size version)

The Solano County line, on highway 12. Just beyond this sign, there's a gentle but smooth 3-mile descent. The winds out of the west were so strong, I coasted to 40mph... :-)

Mount Diablo rises in the distance, over one of the few green fields outside of Fairfield.

The town of Cordelia, just outside Fairfield. This picture shows the Cordelia saloon, next to the fire house.

Heading east of Fairfield on hwy 12, out in the middle of nowhere, I thought this was a funny street name. E.T. Road.

Beyond E.T. Road, I saw multiple planes taking off just overhead. Like this one, they were painted plain gray. I can only imagine that they were military planes...

Heading further east on highway 12, the highway traveled dead straight, going up and down over constant rolling hills. For the first few rollers, I thought it was funny, and even took a picture. However, after 15 miles of this (in the shadeless central valley heat), I was getting pretty sick of going up and down. I had chosen hwy 12 instead of a side road (suggested by my Krebs bike map), because the side road's name was Montezuma Hills, and that sounded intimidating. However, after experiencing hwy 12, I think the name is quite appropriate.

Finally, Rio Vista, on the Sacramento River. Perhaps the sun had warped my memory, but this seemed like the first shade in 20 miles.