Pictures from bike trips - San Mateo County (page 1)

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I have too many pictures of San Mateo County to fit on a single web page. See also San Mateo County, page 2 .

This is the Pulgas Water Temple, along Canada Road. It marks the end of the Hetch-Hetchy Aquaduct. Inside the columns, you can look down and see some of the water flowing past.

Cliffs and beaches along the coast, near San Gregorio.

This is the Crystal Springs Reservoir, along the side of Canada Road. It sits in a long rift valley created by the San Andreas Fault.

The lighthouse at Pigeon Point. The center of the picture turned slightly red when the film got wet when I rolled my kayak over on vacation...

Snow-covered trees along Skyline. This was at an elevation of about 2200'.

Guadalupe Canyon, on the north side of San Bruno Mountain State Park.

Purisima Creek Trail.

The peninsula hills rise above the ocean fog.

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