"Limerick" might not be the word...
For a poem with five lines preferred.
Don't call me a cheater,
If I use the wrong meter,
For at least what I write is absurd.


In the realm of the digital sea, Both dragons and insects run free. If you've coded all day, and have more bugs to slay, Put trust in our knight, GDB.

Segmentation Fault

I'm afraid I'm embarrassed to say, After hunting this bug half the day, I did reconnoiter a twice-added pointer, And indexed right off the array.


My eyes complained, for they were tired, My neurons paused, instead of fired. But then I drank a can of coke The caffeine hit, and I awoke, And once again, my friends, I'm wired.


I swear I can't take it no more, This bug is becoming a bore. I'll pray for a while; Let my program compile, And then sit back and watch it dump core.


The deadline had made my eyes red, And caffeine kept my poor brain fed, It wasn't quite fun, but I got the job done, And now, friends, I'm going to bed.


As Friday night fades with a sigh, And Saturday's dawning is nigh, My social life lacking, I spend the night hacking, While the whole happy world passes by.


After fixing this program for ages, (And working for substandard wages), It runs without flaw, but heed Murphy's Law, For now I must write the man pages.


My program's inheritance tree Is as twisted as objects can be. Class A in conjunction With B's access function Created a child named C.


80's songs rock when your dancing, and i like the way techno's advancing, but beyond my control, what touches my soul, is country, completely entrancing.

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