My Bikes - Technical Stuff

Preformance R205/207 Road Bike

I bought this bike in September, 1996. It is a steel-frame bike, with STI shifting, and it only cost me $400 (before modifications). I was quite happy with it. Alas, I sheared off the right chainstay in October, 1997 (hammering away on a downhill section of Canada Road...) Happily, Performance replaced the frame for free. Now my bike is a royal-blue R207... :-)

Here's a few of the things I've changed/added:

Fuji Sandblaster Mountain Bike

I used to have an Iron Horse mountain bike, until I left it U-locked to a bike rack at Evans Hall in Berkeley overnight, and it got stolen. My parents bought me this Fuji mountain bike for my birthday (June 1993), to replace the Iron Horse. It was my only bike until I got my first road bike in 1996. I used to ride it everywhere, but now I use it mostly for getting around town.

Here's a few of the things I've changed/added:

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