Gates Building #354, 3A, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, 94305-9030,, 650.725.1776


The Rivet crew at graduation. Above, Diane, Chris, and Robert. Below, the typical interaction between us...
I am currently a Research Associate in the computer science department at Stanford University. I work with Pat Hanarahan in the Computer Graphics group. My main research focus currently is on visualization techniques for interactively exploring large multi-dimensional data warehouses within the Rivet computer systems visualization project with Robert Bosch and Chris Stolte. While this is my current research focus, I have also done research in analyzing mobile networks, ad hoc networks, file systems, large giga-bit ATM networks, and using genetic algorithms to solve the n-body spacetime constraints problem.

I did my undergraduate work (A.B., 1995) at Harvard University, and my graduate work (M.S., 1998, Ph.D., 2000) at Stanford University with Mary Baker.

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