Notes on Rayshade

Stephen Peter

5th Edition

30 May 1994

These notes are intended as a guide to Rayshade, the Ray Tracer written by Craig Kolb and Rod Bogart. There are a number of holes in the coverage (at present), particularly with regard to the new primitives added since version 4.0 patchlevel 6.

Comments and contributions are very welcome.

Stephen Peter, School of Architecture, University of New South Wales, Australia.


Table of Figures


Rayshade Primitives

Note that the coverage of the "height field" primitive is minimal, and rotspline and the other primitives added since Rayshade 4 patch 6 are not included. I do intend to include those primitives.

Lighting and Atmospheric Effects

Defining Surfaces




Tips and Tricks

THE END - Notes on Rayshade - Contents