Actua Soccer Statistics

Graphs of stats for entire sequence

frames0 to 222
number of triangles32962139401172363
average number triangles / frame148.48627.93776.41
average area / triangle46.52542.68447.80
median triangle area143327
average aspect ratio6.575.375.60
median aspect ratio322
average horizontal extent31.3237.1236.01
median horizontal extent16911
average vertical extent12.1815.0714.52
median vertical extent588
average depth complexity0.021.111.13
average W-Ratio1.02
median w-ratio1.00
total texture changes924
average tex changes/frame4.16
total unique textures3
average triangles/texture/frame209.31
average pixels/texture/frame113588.65
average consecutive hits to a texture81872.34

Graphs of time based stats for frames 40-50

frames40 to 50
number of triangles208952967385
average number triangles / frame189.91481.45671.36
average area / triangle60.28664.50493.59
median triangle area302830
average aspect ratio4.563.033.46
median aspect ratio222
average horizontal extent22.6335.8332.10
median horizontal extent22711
average vertical extent17.9318.6018.41
median vertical extent111111
average depth complexity0.041.041.08
average W-Ratio1.10
median w-ratio1.00
total texture changes44
average tex changes/frame4.00
total unique textures3
average triangles/texture/frame160.48
average pixels/texture/frame106642.71
average consecutive hits to a texture79982.03

Gnu Plot source used to generate graphs