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Research Topics


Human Motion Capture and Modeling


Everything we do starts with performance capture. We have worked on capturing all aspects of human and animal  motions, including lip motions, facial movements, kangaroo hops, full body kinematics, and dynamic tracking and modeling. Our current emphasis is on capturing high-resolution models and subtleties. Those techniques are geared towards applications in entertainment, animation, and medicine.


Current Projects:

Nonrigid Motion Acquistion and Modeling
High speed Motion Stage  We are currently planning a high-speed recording area for all our facial and full-body performance captures. More info coming soon.


Past Projects:

Digital Muybridge

Speech Reading



Project Mariposa


One of the most vibrant art forms that came out and evolved over the last century, the art of animation, has undergone dramatic shifts and trends, and has grown into one of the most influential media over the last few decades. Currently the used techniques fall into one of two dominant paradigms: Either traditional trained animators create key-frame poses for computer tools, or an actress/actor performs the desired motion, and motion capture techniques map them to computer models. In fact, most production houses are polarized among one of these two extremes. The goal of this project is to bridge the gap between these two extremes.


Current Projects:

Cartoon Retargeting
Motion Texture


Past Projects

Accessible Animation and Customizable Graphics via Simplicial Configuration Modeling



Talking Heads


This project deals with various aspects of verbal and noverbal human communication, lip motion recogntion, facial expression analysis and modeling, and photorealistic facial animation.


Current Projects:

Facial Expressions
Face Model Acquisition

Past Projects:

Video Rewrite



See our list of publications.


Autumn Quarter 2000: CS448A: Experiments in Motion Capture
Autumn Quarter 2000: CS448B/Art175: Motion Study An Introduction to Animation, Cartoon Physics and Funny Walks 
Spring Quarter 2000: CS348C: Computer Graphics: Animation Techniques

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Autumn Quarter 2000: Art 140 Drawing for Animation
Autumn Quarter 2000: Art 175 C Digital Narrative Production
Winter Quarter 2000: Art 173A The Illusion of Life: Facial Animation info | pre-enrollement

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