Responsive Workbench

The Responsive Workbench is a 3D interactive workspace originally developed by Wolfgang Krueger at GMD. Computer-generated stereoscopic images are projected onto a horizontal tabletop display surface via a projector-and-mirrors system, and viewed through shutter glasses to generate the 3D effect. A 6DOF tracking system tracks the user's head, so that the user sees the virtual environment from the correct point of view. A pair of gloves and a stylus, also tracked by the system, can be used to interact with objects in the tabletop environment.

Our current research involves extending the workbench environment to more efficiently support interaction, visualization and collaboration.

We are also researching basic issues involved in building environments such as the workbench: hardware, calibration, and rendering.


Others have contributed in major ways: Cary Kornfeld (design of the original RWB), Sean Anderson (3D stylus and sketching interface), Jeffrey Feldgoise and Julie Dorsey (architectural applications), Larry Cutler (two-handed input), Martin Fischer (production planning), Steve Bryson (virtual windtunnel), and Yeva Fineberg (modeling),

The Responsive Workbench is a cooperative project between Stanford University and GMD. This project was supported by a grant from Interval Research Corporation. Additional support for particular visualization applications is provided by DARPA (visualization of complex systems) and CIFE (contructions planning), and in the past, NASA Ames (virtual windtunnel), Equipment donations have been provided by Silicon Graphics Computer Systems and Fakespace, Inc.


The Responsive Workbench: Two-Handed Input and Two-User Output
Presented by Bernd Fröhlich at the 1997 Immersive Projected Technology Workshop

Two-Handed Direct Manipulation on the Responsive Workbench
Presnted by Larry Cutler and Bernd Fröhlich at the 1997 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics


The Two-User Responsive Workbench: Support for Collaboration Through Individual Views of a Shared Space
Maneesh Agrawala, Andrew C. Beers, Bernd Fröhlich, and Pat Hanrahan, Stanford University
Ian MacDowall and Mark Bolas, Fakespace, Inc.
Proc. SIGGRAPH '97

Two-Handed Direct Manipulation on the Responsive Workbench
Lawrence D. Cutler, Bernd Fröhlich and Pat Hanrahan
Proc. 1997 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics

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