A Hybrid Ray Tracer for Rendering Polygon and Volume Data

Marc Levoy

First published in: IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 10(2):33-40, March 1990

Copyright 1990 © Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Reprinted with permission.


Postscript version of the paper (without images)

Figure 1. Overview of hybrid ray tracer for rendering polygon and volume data

Figure 2. Rendering of polygon embedded in volume data.

Figure 3. Color rendering of CT dataset and embedded polygons generated using hybrid raytracer.

Figure 4. (a) Detail from Figure 3 showing antialiasing. (b) Visualization of where rays were cast.

Figure 5. Color rendering of CT dataset and textured polygons, generated using modified hybrid ray tracer.

Figure 6. Color rendering of MR dataset with cutting planes, radiation treatment volume (purple), and treatment beams (red).