CS 448 - Computational photography

Class schedule

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Tue, March 30 Introduction (Marc and Bennett)
Thu, April 1 Perspective, lighting, and photography (Marc)
Tue, April 6 Image sensors (Bennett)
Thu, April 8 Optics for photography (Bennett)
Tue, April 13 Camera designs and features (Marc)
Thu, April 15 Illuminators, displays, and projectors (Bennett) project proposals due
Multi-shot imaging
Tue, April 20 High resolution, super-resolution (Bennett)
Thu, April 22 High dynamic range, extended depth of field (Bennett)
Tue, April 27 Student presentations of research papers
Thu, April 29 Student presentations of research papers
Multi-perspective imaging
Tue, May 4 Light fields (Marc)
Thu, May 6 Image-based rendering (Marc)
Tue, May 11 Multi-projector and projector-camera systems (Marc) project critiques (4-6pm)
Thu, May 13 Synthetic aperture photography and illumination (Marc) project critiques (4-6pm)
Omni-directional imaging
Tue, May 18 Multiple view geometry & calibration (Bennett)
Thu, May 20 Mosaicing, panoramas, omnidirectional imaging (Bennett)
Tue, May 25 Debate: what limits should society place on ubiquitous sensing?
Thu, May 27 Computational imaging in other fields (Marc)
Tue, June 1 Project presentations (2:30pm - 5:30pm)
Writeups due Friday, June 4

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