CS 248C: Visualizing Computer Systems

Pat Hanrahan, Marc Levoy, Mendel Rosenblum

Course Schedule

Here is the current version of the class calendar and schedule. This schedule will be updated to include any changes in dates that topics will be covered or assignments are due.

Week 1:

Thu Sep 26: Introduction (Hanrahan)

Week 2:

Tue Oct 1: Introduction to Visualization (Levoy)
Design exercise #1 assigned
Thu Oct 3: The Design of Visualizations (Levoy)
Design exercise #1 due
Design exercise #2 assigned

Week 3:

Tue Oct 8: Scientific visualization techniques (Levoy)
Design exercise #2 due
Thu Oct 10: Information Visualization 1: Hierarchy/Distortion/Zoom (Hanrahan)

Week 4:

Tue Oct 15: Information Visualization 2: Statistical Graphics/Graphs (Hanrahan)
Papers Assigned
Thu Oct 17: Information Visualization 3: Interaction/Animation/Systems (Hanrahan)

Week 5:

Tue Oct 22: Visualization of Computer Systems - 1 (Rosenblum)
Thu Oct 24: Visualization of Computer Systems - 2 (Rosenblum)

Week 6:

Mon-Tue: Information Visualization Workshop in S.F.
Tue Oct 29: Perceptual Approaches to Visualizing Data, Bernice Rogowitz
Papers Due
Written Critiques Assigned
Wed-Fri: Visualization Conference in S.F.
Thu Oct 31: Software Visualization in the Large, Stephen G. Eick

Week 7:

Tue Nov 5: Discussion
Written Critiques Due
Project Proposal Assigned
Thu Nov 7: Towards a New View of Information, Jim Hollan

Week 8:

Tue Nov 12: Network Visualization (Diane Tang, organizer)
Project Proposal Due
Thu Nov 14: Jock Mackinlay

Week 9:

Tue Nov 19: Memory System Visualization (Kekoa Proadfoot, organizer)
Thu Nov 21: Software Visualization (Yung-Hsiang Lu, organizer)

Week 10:

Tue Nov 26: Visualization of the MBONE and Visualizing Large Cyclic Hierarchies in 3D Hyperbolic Space, Tamara Munzner
Thu Nov 28: Thanksgiving Holiday

Week 11: Dead Week

Tue Dec 3: no class
Thu Dec 5: Project Presentations, 1-5:30

Week 12: Finals Week

Mon Dec 9:
Project Writeups Due


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