Information Visualization Resources on the Web

See also the bibliography.



The Geography of Cyberspace
A nice collection of resources on mapping and visualizing the Web and the Net
Comparison of many infovis systems
from the GMD Darmstadt VISIT/FADIVA group
Information Visualization Sites
U of Texas - PanAm list of other infovis sites
Software visualization bibliography
Graph Drawing bibliography
Arne Frick, Karlsruhe
Information Visualization
Junichi Tatemura, Tokyo
Software Visualization
Jörn Trilk, TU Munich


Infovis Thesis Proposals

Three Dimensional Database Environments
Kenneth Mitchell, Napier, PhD proposal
The Mind's Eye: An Approach to Understanding Large Complex Information-Bases through Visual Discourse
Earl Rennison, MIT Media Lab, MS
Graphical Elements for Information Browsing Systems
David Fox, NYU, PhD requirement survey paper


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