CS348B Spring 2017 Rendering Competition

The renderings below were created for the rendering competition in CS348B: Image Synthesis Techniques, taught by Pat Hanrahan and Matt Pharr in the Spring quarter of 2017.
Grand Prize

Molten Glass
by Kyle Fisher

Kyle introduced a spatially-varying VolumeLight abstraction to pbrt, which enabled him to efficiently render molten glass.

First Prize

Reading at Night
by Viet Vo and Sang Goo Kang

Viet and Sang Goo used a physically-based model of a candle flame along with a volumetric approach to produce the subtle multi-layered flames illuminating this nighttime scene.

Second Prize

An Antique Cup of Tea
by Sean Liu, Toki Migimatsu, and Wilbur Yang

Sean implemented equiangular sampling for heterogeneous media, which was used to efficiently render steam. Toki implemented 4D Gaussian mixtures to capture the specular microstructure of brushed metal, and Wilbur modeled the scene and ran the fluid simulations. Together they produced this subtly complex image combining steam, fluids, and brushed metal.