CS348B Spring 2011 Rendering Competition

The renderings below were created for the rendering competition in CS348B: Image Synthesis Techniques, taught by Pat Hanrahan in the Spring quarter of 2011.
Grand Prize

French Bread
by Alexis Haraux

Alexis used voronoi noise, marching cubes, and path tracing to render the crumb of french bread.

First Prize

Citrus Marmalade
by Sonny Chan and Phaedon Sinis

Sonny and Phaedon implemented volumetric photon mapping though heterogeneous material to simulate marmalade.

Second Prize

Cherry Pie
by Luke Anderson, Kate Swanson, and Nora Willett

Luke, Kate, Nora used volumetric photon mapping with multiple scattering to render the cheery sauce in a cherry pie.