CS 248: Introduction to Computer Graphics

Pat Hanrahan

Assignment 1 Grades

You can view your grade on Assignment 1 by clicking on your name on the students page. Clicking on the Assignment 1 link on your list of grades will bring up a grading sheet, detailing where you lost points (if you did) and for what. The following table lists the overall statistics for this assignment. We have listed the statistics separately for each grader, as we did with assignment 1. All of your assignments will be graded by the same TA. See the top of your grade sheet to see who graded your assignment.

Grader Mean Median Mode Standard Deviation
Maneesh 97.47 100 98 5.56
Andrew 97.27 100 100 5.71
Reid 98.31 100 100 7.88
Overall 96.92 100 100 6.46

If you have comments on the grading of your assignment, please see the appropriate TA during his office hours.


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