Errata Sheet for Foley, van Dam, Feiner, and Hughes

Second Edition in C Bug List (January 1996)

J. Foley, A. van Dam, S. Feiner, J. Hughes
Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice,
Second Edition in C
Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1995
ISBN 0-201-84840-6

Note: This bug list is for the "Second Edition in C" only. If your book's cover is not marked "Second Edition in C", you should use the "Second Edition (in Pascal)" bug list.

Like the bug list for the original "Second Edition" (in Pascal), this bug list is divided into parts. Each part i applies to the 1st through i-th printings. Thus, if you have a 1st printing, you should check all parts of the list.

You can tell which printing you have by matching the beginning of the bottommost line of your copy's page iv (the unnumbered page that contains the copyright notice) with one of these:

	Beginning of line	Printing	Applicable list parts

	1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10	1st		1

Note: At this point, the authors have seen only the 1st printing, so there is only one part to the bug list. In the current list, this part is for the 1st printing and any other printing that may have been done since.

Each entry in the bug list is preceded by its page number. Negative line numbers are counted up from the bottom of the last given part (page, section, para, bullet, column, figure caption, color plate caption, or exercise), where line -1 is the bottommost line of the part. Each paragraph is counted in our numbering scheme, including partial ones.

If you find a bug that is not on this list (or a problem with the list itself), please tell us about it by sending email to with a subject line of "Report-Text-Bug". Please indicate whether you are using the C version or the Pascal version of the book, and the printing. The current version of this list may be obtained by sending email to the same address with a subject of "Get-Text-Bug-List".



-- Preface

-- Chapter 1

-- Chapter 2

-- Chapter 3

115, line 1: "succesful" -> successful"
138: Fig. 3.59: Unfiltered half is too dark. 

-- Chapter 4

-- Chapter 5

203, Fig. 5.4: Points  P and P' should be the same distance from the origin
217, para 1: Equation at end of paragraph is missing its number: "(5.48)".

-- Chapter 6

258, para -2, line 2: "roman M" -> "italic M"
270, Fig. 6.54(a): Arrows for y = (v sub max - v sub min) / 2 and for
	y = -(v sub max - v sub min) / 2 should point to the view plane's
	top and bottom edges, not to the top and bottom of the
	back clipping plane. (This new bug resulted from
	an attempt to fix a similar bug in the Pascal edition.  The
	old incorrect arrows previously pointed to the view volume's
	top and bottom planes and were incorrectly moved to point to the top
	and bottom of the back clipping plane, instead of the top and
	bottom of the view plane.)
275, para -1, line -3: "roman N" -> "italic N"

-- Chapter 7

-- Chapter 8

-- Chapter 9

-- Chapter 10

-- Chapter 11

497, Eq. (11.43): In each term, swap the order in which the P and B factors
	appear (e.g., the first term becomes B sub (i-3,4) (t) dot 
	P sub (i-3). [This is only for consistency with the other equations 
	(e.g., Eq. 11.36) and is not strictly necessary since P and B are
	both reals.]

-- Chapter 12

-- Chapter 13

-- Chapter 14

-- Chapter 15

650-720: "Visible-surface" -> "Visible-Surface" in even-page running head.

-- Chapter 16

-- Chapter 17

-- Chapter 18

-- Chapter 19

-- Chapter 20

-- Chapter 21

-- Appendix

-- Bibliography

-- Index 

-- Color Plates

-- Dust Jacket